BEHOLD! My new OT3 <3

All my really close friends know that I was soooo bloody obsessed with D. Gray-man back in the day. My original OT3 was LavixKandaxAllen. Still is <3 I've loved them since 06-07 <3

However, I found a new calling...


They are so adorable <3 This is my new OT3 <3 SuperboyxRobinxImpulse/KidFlash.

Gotten into a mad obsession in the last week for comic book heros. I'm becoming a serious fan for DC comics. Not too keen on Marvel tho... I love X-men... but that's the extent for what there is in Marvel for me. It's all because of Teen titans, Young Justice and Robin <3 Also, my interest for Flash and Green Lantern <3

I've always loved Robin, ever since the live action movies. But ever since I've watched Young Justice, I actually decided to look into actual comic books. Of course, I can't say it's solely my choice. I can't help but blame my other friends for exposing me to this <3

Also, I blame Big Bang Theory <3

Ah... I fear the day that I get over anime and manga draws soon. If that happens... oh well... I've loved you all my life, but I suppose I need to grow up from it sometime. I don't think I'll ever grow away from yaoi tho... that's a deeper connection <3


They are just too damn fucking adorable <3 Oh Kon.... HNNNNGG!!!!!!!!!



-insert Takuto's hilariously awesome ghey transformation shounen sailor moon style-




ginga bishounen

KYAH <333 awesome voice actors, cool characters, interesting plot and awesomeness all around.

ginga bishounen2

GOD MY OH!!! Sugata's apprivoise *A* He's hawt lelouch voice resonating <3

God I love you aniplex and bones <3 It's like Ouran, Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann mashed into one. xDDD



Twilight - cont.

Read more


Finished S1.

waaaay too awesome.

Always knew how awesome it was, but after finishing S1, I'm even more pumped.

Such awesome characters, everyone has such unique personality/characteristics <3

I love Sasuke...

WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm so happy.... wanna watch s2 now >D

I have no life... basara makes me happy hur hur hur ~


soooo obsessed with watching GREEK right now.

Thank god for the internet!


こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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