Truffle dessert brownies


Unfortunately, I was stupid and I baked it for too long. Ended up burnt. I should've just taken it straightaway, but thinking it was undercooked, I kept it in a little too long.

However... it was still a success. It was moist and dense. Just ended up cutting off the top, sides and bottom. Covered it in icing sugar and VOILA!


Unfortunately that's all that's left of it :)

Luckily, I'll make it better for next week's qualifier. Two batches should be enough for one day =) I really can't wait till P and I cup. It'll be a bake fest <3

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Banana bread recipe

Banana Bread recipe

Was a little bit worried due to the lack of baking powder. However, I decided to still give it a go.


Turned the temperature down, and it came out quite nice. The texture was good and had just enough moisture so it wasn't dry.


Seemed like a success considering I baked it on Saturday and it's almost finished today. I think I'm getting a little better =)

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Baking again.

Ended up wanting to try this new recipe I found.



IMAG0225 (1)

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as well as I'd liked it to have. Came out a little dry, need to work on the oven temperature. It wasn't as sweet, mainly due to less sugar and bananas not being ripe enough.

This was the recipe I used:

Next time I'll make them as muffins, maybe add another half cup and wait till the bananas are fully riped. It's very healthy though, which is great. I don't like it when it's too sweet, but it's not up to me I suppose =/ Hard to please the people around me especially since they LOVE sweet stuff orz

Ganbarremasu ~

So... I decided to try making cookies from scratch using this recipe.

Unfortunately... I didn't want to make 60 cookies... so I ended up cutting down the ratio of the ingredients. Little did I know how badly it would turn out.


Looking pretty good at this point.


I thought okay...

Then it was this.


I managed to create a hybrid. A cookie that was soft and moist in the center like cake. This is such ultimate failure I don't even know how to process how badly I did...

This is a huge blow to my ego/ability to bake.

I suppose I should wait till the weekend before I decide to bake anything anymore... *sigh* Or at least get the ratio right!!! I think it was too much baking soda that did it T^T

Started baking again.

It's been like 3-4 years since I last baked.

It's nothing much, but need to start somewhere, right?

cookie 1

This batch turned out nicer than the first one. Lower temp and better positioning. Nice and crunchy at the edges, while soft and moist in the center. Used Betty Crocker mix. Going to try the nestle cookie recipe next time. I want to try making it from scratch. Along with mint choc chip cookies. Since I need to be frugal with my spending, it'll be one baking plans each weekend. Need to save money right now.

Doesn't help however... as Valentines Day is creeping up. I use to have a tradition back in school, where I made homemade chocolates and desserts for all my friends. Even made honmei choco at one point for the guy I liked. However, I want to get back into making giri chocolates for my friends at college.

That's the plan anyways...


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