I expected epic hawt twincest protagonists...

but WHAT?!!!

NUUUUU!!!! Ewan T^T

So much for having a wig that's exactly like his hair orz

I wonder how this story will unfold tho...

Arago in his police uniform is hawt <3


EDIT:- -4 chapters later-

OMG!!! I need more SWOT *A* Sooo many awesomely hawt charas >DDD Hawt black mask guy, hawt baseball guy <333 Poor manabuzaki >3< He really has no time to study. With all the fights going on... he has NO CHANCE of getting to where he wants orz

I guess from reading so far... he'll prolly aim towards the Teppen. Anyways... looking forward to it. It's like Crow version of bleach characters. It's awesome >8D It's like Ichigo with glasses and Rukia, which dame Tsuna from KHR XD I'm enjoying this >D

Whenever there's a story about delinquents... I love it XD


Kind of disappointed at ch 1 of SWOT. It's strange... I absolutely loved the one shot so I decided to read the series...

To my dissatisfaction... they over detailed certain areas and it's kind of stupid in certain ways. I liked how everything was subtle and straightforward in the oneshot. I miss white hair otaku boy instead of red hair otaku SWOT D<

For some reason, I'm not very motivated to continue >___________< They should've just made the oneshot into ch 1 and continue on from there *sigh*

WTF UFOs? NASA made more sense >_< It's true, instead of a genius, he sounds like a idiot orz For a genius, it doesn't seem to make sense that he'd be cramming 10 mins before the exam. He shouldn't even need to study on the day, more-a-less study at all since he's a 'genius'.

Oh well... after I finished it, it wasn't too bad... but it was overly detailed where it wasn't really necessary.

SWOT, please don't let me lose hope in you!



Is this because they're both bottoms?!!

>3< *downloads moar pron*

my fellow fujoshi ~

Oh Jinxie, you are le epic <3

I finally started Mousou shoujo otakukei...

I'm seriously roflmaoing on the ground while reading it.

It's so good *A*

As a fellow otaku... I approve *thumbs up*


The awesomeness that is Gakuen Basara XD I can usually handle crack but this is just a thing of its own.

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