I really want a dog >3<

My dream in the future is to get a pug and a Japanese Spitz.

However... after a lot of research, I'm sooo tempted to get a pug and a French bulldog <3 I seriously have a thing for squish faced doggies >3< They're soooooo cute *3*

I love this series of videos of this pug <3 sooo cute <333

*sigh* I want a pug right now >3<

Birds of Tokyo

Current obsession band wise = Birds of Tokyo

Loving their new album, it's really good <3

Thanx Max for the awesome rec <3



Is this because they're both bottoms?!!

>3< *downloads moar pron*


HP: 70%
MP: 50%

Currently: nostalgic about food >3<

I want to eat Devils Delight from Pancakes at the rocks >3<


Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi = No climax, no point, no meaning

Oh, it's been 5 years since I found out about yaoi...

ahh... the good years have come and gone XD

So what am I doing?

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Change is always hard...

This is going to be a continuation of my old blog.

The reason to why I canceled my old one was because I think someone I did not like was stalking it.

It's very unsettling... so in order to cut off all contact with that person, I did it.

Hopefully there will be changes in the way I blog as well.

It's hard... because I couldn't let go, I didn't delete my journal entries and start from the beginning.

That is why I decided to just keep it because it's still a part of who I am.

Maybe I will delete my old ones... I'll see...

Today was like every other day

So tired...

Today was the bronze salver and handicap tray competition at the Lakes. First time I've been to the course.

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Lucky Dog 1 prologue

Just finished reading translations for the prologue page...

Aside from not being able to resist reading Giulio's good and normal ending...

I LOVE YOU MAD DOG *A* You make me so happy and so sad... awww.... (poor Giulio and Gian)

Anyways... Ivan is a douche XD that's totally not gonna change orz

I really like the prologue just so we can relate to what the character personalities are like.

Bernardo and Gian has a good relationship in the sense of professionalism, but at the same time, there is this wall between them...
Giulio and Gian is like the sense of master and servant for some reason. Even though technically Gian is a lower position even after the order is received... Giulio respects him... awww... Gian-san XD
Luchino and Gian... BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Gian is really conscious about being around him. Luchino seems like a gorgeous bishie character who's like I'm totally not gay, so don't you dare fucking touch me. Kind of excited to read the endings :3
Lastly Ivan and Gian... What to say?
Gian: *moron moron moron moron*
Ivan: *Goddamn fucking gay-SLUT bastard!*
Gian just loves to tease him tho XDDD I wonder if it's possible for Ivan to warm up to Gian? But with Ivan being a homophobe... not any time soon XD

I'm exciting to see how everything goes :3 but that's all I'm reading for tonight XD

Thank you koori_no_kokoro <3

Amazing where life takes people

Upon looking at other people's blogs... I found something really interesting.

Someone was talking about how they couldn't wait to see Dance Academy. The photo just shocked me because it was none other than Xenia Goodwin. She was one grade below me in ballet and she was many years below me at school. She was a good girl and she worked really hard in ballet.

At the time, she was good, but she was not quite in the spotlight. She was always in the shadow of those around her, which was a real pity at the time.

However, while others fooled around and did whatever the crap they wanted, she took things seriously and did everything dance related. Whether it was for sport or dance as an elective.

We did talk quite a bit and I really admired how hard she worked.

Of course, after I graduated and quit ballet, we didn't keep in contact.

It's nice to know that she's the lead actor for that show.

I hope it takes her further into the dance world and she'll become bigger.

I'm glad all her hardwork has paid off =) She should be about 17 now I think.

I hope Ms Jenkins and her mother is really proud of her.

I know when I did ballet with her at the time, she was good. I'm just glad that she didn't stray from her goals and path.

I hope all the best for her <3 I miss seeing her pirouettes XD

It's amazing thinking back...

Zoe Roberts must be in a ballet company now. She was in London and all those places around the world.
Macbeth Kanera got into Australia Ballet Company and is dancing there...
I wonder what happened to all the other girls in Xenia's class...

Life sure brings about its surprises =)

weekly update

My dream car is a Mini Cooper... I've loved my teacher's mini cooper S convertible with detachable roof. It's really awesome...

However... when I saw this car in the garage of my dad's workplace site, I had fallen in love with it *A*


It's also a Mini Cooper S, but without the detachable roof. Inside is just the same as my teacher's one, but man does the outside paint job look awesome *A* Look at those checkboard prints *A*

Both look awesome... but I guess what really matters to me is... whether or not my golf clubs and bag can fit OTL which means... FWD? *facepalm*

Aside from the dreams and back to RL...

I GOT A NEW PUTTER FOR MY BIRTHDAY >8D as well as a 3 wood... but!
I GOT A ROBIN!!! Much contemplating was done whether I should get a Robin or Tracy. In the end, I chose Robin and I'm happy with my choice <3 My teacher is glad I got a new putter and he approves! Just cuz it's the same company as the one he uses XD


It's a Yes! Putter >8D Just got it cut down today so it smells bad orz grip got dirty which makes me unhappy D8< which means... I should get a new grip for it in the future XD

Of course, I totally say YES! to this putter.

*gets shot for being lame*

On a quick note. My golf is like nskNDJNdnDHLncfldKNCL *HEADDESK*

I got 39 points from my stableford game. managed to wipe 3 holes, but due to the awesome 5 pars I got, I manage to scrap by. I was feeling pretty down when I couldn't do what I set myself out to do. Even though I'm capable of doing much better, I seem to fail... no doubt about it ><

handicap still hasn't changed... REALLY annoys me because my home club is either busy or too lazy to put in my scores. It hasn't changed in nearly 2 weeks... which is a BIG thing for me seeing as I play like 2-3 comps per week orz

Anyways, I had a mixture of awesome and fail. Did some amazing shots... as well as some fail ones where I shanked it into strange and odd places... It's amazing how you can play so well and still fail at the same time XD

Golf is a baffling game no matter how you look at it DDD8

cosplay update?

Even tho I should be getting over cosplay... I still want to blog some things...

So I did partially finish my Ivan cosplay >D I still had shoes to do... but my outfit is done... apart from a few details...


I'm actually quite happy with my wig. Not overly ecstatic... I mean, I never love my creations. Nothing is ever awesome or epic when it comes to my skills.

I need to play LD1 and read those translations. So awesome XD It's very deep each character's relationship with each other... except for Ivan and Gian where Ivan is just a douche and Gian loves teasing him XD BWAHAHAHA!!! Ivan is scared of bears >8D

what's worse than a bear tho... is a freaking yandere with a knife!! OH NOES!!! RUN IVAN!! XD

Oh I want to wear those manry polyester boxers XDDD for some odd reason... this whole costume is TOO big for me *facepalm* like I made a size 14 for a size 10 person *headdesk* nice Rinne... good job... D<

Aside from manry fail...

More fail!!!


It's my Sheryl make up test. Yes, I was planning to enter madman as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier... only to have my plans foiled by my mother again orz

I think this make up test is by far the best I've ever done. I've successfully used the eyebrow sealer, so I don't have dark eyebrows >8D The eye make up makes my eyes look bigger and the eyelashes look better than when I used them for miku >3 thinking of getting bigger lashes tho... I'll contemplate about it for awhile when the shoot gets closer XD

Oh man... fat nose is fat orz...

That is all for the eye scarring XD

my fellow fujoshi ~

Oh Jinxie, you are le epic <3

I finally started Mousou shoujo otakukei...

I'm seriously roflmaoing on the ground while reading it.

It's so good *A*

As a fellow otaku... I approve *thumbs up*

reflection of my life...

You know... I've learnt a lot in the 2 days that I've been wallowing in self pity in comparison to the 2 years I've spent doing so.

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What about me?

It isn't fair...

I got caught going to a shoot that was planned today...

10 hours before the shoot as well orz

I feel like the 3 times we rescheduled for me was for nothing OTL

I'm so sorry for failing my sexy LD1 mafiso bosses DDD<

I was the only one who could not escape for raep sexy tiems DDD<

At least as a consolation for my shitty mood all day and fail crying the night before... I got a new putter and 3 wood.

On a good note. Mum gave me permission to shoot this cosplay before I leave. So I can shoot with permission... YAY!

Ivan progress :3

LD1 cosplay shoot is in 1 day...

I still have the top and shoes to do... At least the templates are finished so I can start the top now...

I can't believe it took like 6 hours or something to get this done OTL I hate paint sooo much. I fail at using it as well orz


Wig is half way done. Just need to work on the back top, back and sides. Front is mostly complete. Need to pull some back hair forwards as well.


I just realised how much I fail at doing hair types of hair. I'm so use to spiking and making things stay in place, everything I've done has always been a hard style of wigs orz
I don't think I could ever do natural style hairs.

Anyways... that's all for updates so far.

Excited about Minami saying yes to shooting with me <3 date-o date-o <333 Christie will be epic cameko for us <333

Anyways, time for bed.

Golf tomorrow >3<


こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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