Thank you Sakuragi-san <333 I've loved your work but after Yume musubi Koi musubi... I love you even more *A* *puts above Hinako Takanaga and Sakuraga Mei* XDDD

Thank you so much for a great development. It's taken 3 volumes... but finally Ryoumei-san was man enough to say he likes Ao... Thank you <333

May this yaoi manga finish in a lovely manner that we all approve of XD


Got back yesterday afternoon from an awesome weekend of golf and good company.

I've never seen sooo many kangaroos in my life... I daresay... I think I might've seen enough kangaroos for a lifetime being on the golf course OTL

It was a lot worse on Sunday when it was raining... there was just kangaroos EVERYWHERE!!! ALL OF THE COURSE AND FAIRWAYS DDD8< They were just sitiing there, all across in a line... blocking us from being able to hit straight.... orz

Otherwise... the course was a lot of fun. Not very hard... I thought it would've been a lot harder... but I ended up with 39 points, which is pretty good.

The workers at the resort were really kind. Those guys were really nice in helping everyone with their clubs and arrangements.

Only thing that wasn't so great was playing in the sudden change of weather on Saturday afternoon and... nearly getting a heart attack from an overly aggravated duck trying to attack us in our carts DDD<

One thing I definitely learned from this trip...

never underestimate an old lady and her liquor.

I was so surprised... These ladies... they know how to party D8 Arranging from late forties to early eighties.... these ladies KNEW how to drink OTL

On Friday and Saturday night... I was offered with all sorts of drinks @o@ I always had a drink with me OTL It was pretty awesome!! We had sooo much that we didn't even end up running out of alki despite all the other parties I've been to orz Had gin, cointreau, vodka and more vodka 8DDD

Seriously... just had sooo much fun last weekend. I didn't even feel sick at all throughout the weekend. Even ended up eating a gigantic breakfast the next day 8DDD

I'm so glad I went 8DDD

Only thing that was not fun... fairways were loaded up with kangaroo poo... it was only appropriate to think of one thing when you fluffed a shot...

Oh shit.


Going away this weekend to Riverside Oaks for the golfaround weekend away.

Sooo excited!! Packed and everything is ready. Managed to fit a lot of stuff into my small bag, which is pretty awesome.

However... carrying an extra 4L load isn't cool... *stares at bottles of vodka, powerades and ice tea* =3=;;

Hopefully I can take some pics with my phone 8D

It's going to be nice to just have the weekend away from family. Have some freedom to be a little wild and adventurous XD

Better sleep so I can wake up early and prepare myself ^^

Oyasumi <3


本庄 りえ... thank you so much for the yaoi you delivered that is absolutely love, cute and precious.

You haven't disappointed me at all. Whether it's something hardcore, or angsty or cute... you never fail to deliver.

thank you <3

Basara Gakuen

Take a peek into the life of the basara kids... how they spend time outside of school.


So much fun =w= I miss everyone orz

Hentai Sasuke @ Rinne
Yandere Oichi @ Miyu
Ikemen ribbon Yukimura @ Min
Ikemen shoujoloving Masamune @ Christie

originally started as me commenting on my arm muscle... I spent too much time being stupid and captioning everything orz

ごめんなさい!!! TAT

I miss ramen T^T


Had lunch with mama and papa @ Ten sushi place :3


Papa had his own rice bowl >D Funny I got one as well, which mama told me I should give my food to dad T^T

Such a cute bowl <3

Sometimes luck comes your way...

It's funny... I wanted this book for awhile... but the problem was the price and the fact that it didn't exist in Australia. I had to get it shipped, which would've cost more.

However... I happen to meet a golf friend. He's a senior who started around the same time I did. We talked a lot and he gives me some really interesting feedback about the theories around golf. He's quite entertaining and I enjoy our talks.

However, he said he had a book to give me. Little did I realise, that the book he wanted to give me was the exact same book as the one I wanted all along.

It's funny how things just work out sometimes. I'm so grateful to the people around me. I feel so fortunate and lucky to have those who care about me beside me.

In the future, no matter how busy I am or get... I will definitely put the time aside to keep up those important relationships built during the most important time of my golf.

Thank you so much...

Weiss Kreuz

My life is being raped by my oldest and dearest fandom DDD<

Oh god... I love you Weiss kreuz, but I need to stop getting my mind raped by Crawford's sensitive and sappy side... and Nagi's angsty abusive past, along with Schuldig's sweet nurturing nature DDD< It's getting ooc... BUT IT'S TOO GOOD!!!
Miko no da's sinner's and saints series is just too good I swear. Wish she finished it better tho... Want more >3<

That's why I hate fanfics sometimes... it feeds you lies that you want to believe... even tho they might not be true orz

still... Oh Omi... You're so easy to pair off with anyone or anything orz

God... I wish I got to cosplay him or Nagi a long time ago when I had the chance >3<

Which reminds me... need to watch it again... along with the OVA... Bloody Takatori!! *shakes fist*

Oh woe to the lack of space *wangst*

lack of space

This is prolly the 100th time it's happened... but OMG... MY SPACE *cries*

It's not the yaoi's fault! *shifty eyes*

I need to make space for Gokujyo Lover torrent orz

I really need a new hard drive to move all my bl shit there.

Really need to buy some new ink. Just used up all my colour ink to print out over 100pgs of fanfics... I'm so bad >DDD

The only things that keep me happy aside from talking to friends is reading yaoi or reading fanfics XD It puts a smile on my face XD

Usually I have this horrid serious/angry face when I'm playing golf >D or practicing orz I even look serious when I watch movies, which is pretty much every night orz
Need to put a smile on the dial >D

Now I'm off to read this awesome WK fanfic by Miko no Da <3 She is le epic <3 God her PT fic was so accurate, in character and smexy <333 Sooo sweet <3

Tres Zen X-fi 2 <3

My baby arrived on Friday <3


Creative Zen XFi2 - 16gb. Video, audio, photo, app, fm radio, voice recorder, microSD and rss.


So happy with it <3 Been contemplating over getting an apple item... but when I went on the creative site, I absolutely fell in love with this baby <3 Plus, it was on sale. Pretty decent price. 16gb and touch screen. I've always loved creative items, but they always get overshadowed by apple. I understand why... but it's sad still.

Just waiting for the silicone cover and clear sheet.

It's sad because my first creative would've last longer if I hadn't dropped it into the ocean orz baka baka baka ><

Anyways... I've named it Tres <3 Black, awesome and a machine. I thought it was very suitable XD Well... originally it was between Shou or Ion. Which was so random O_______o

I can finally use this as my alarm instead of my phone <3 So sick of having my phone ringing and waking me up at 12:30am in the morning when I'm asleep orz


こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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