Who am I?

Sometimes I confuse myself.

Am I me? Or am I Rinne?

Who am I? I feel so lost sometimes.

In the last 2 years... I feel like I lost the understanding of who I really am.

This is me... right?

Or am I kidding myself by trying to tell myself this is me?

Maybe Rinne is so strongly a part of me now, that it's part of who I am as me.

Or MAYBE... I'm having an identity crisis....

he..he..he..he..hehehehe... OTL



All my friends know I'm a big fan for Kimi ni Todoke <3 I've been following it before the animes were released. Love the manga, it's just sooo adorably damn cute.

The story is sort of original and different to typical shoujo mangas. Not so melodramatic and frustrating. It's very kyun kyun to me >D

Finally watched Season 2 ep 1. Just as a predicted, everything is perfect. It's wonderful to see my favourite shoujo manga being brought to life, where all movement and emotions are conveyed.

Love it so far <3

Even better?

This guy!


Miura Kent... is voiced by none other than MIYANO MAMORU!!! kyah!!! I'm such a miyano mamoru fangirl >D I love all his characters. He definitely won't disappoint as Kento <3 It'll be like Tamaki+Kidou in one <3



It's bad when you know where it's from and what it means...



/scarred for life

Monochrome - Haruka Tomatsu

I love it when Sakana-chan sings just as the Kiraboshi members are going into Zero time. It really sets the mood <3

The pre battle music... Monochrome.

mau yuki wa, hoshi no kakera.
tentai ni te wo nobashite
ikigau negai kanjiteiru ne
subete wa ima monochrome(monokuroomu) no naka

sotto koboreta shiroi iki
tsutaeta katta kotoba no katachi
kitto nukumori no bun dake
sora wa honori akaruku natta

kanashimi ni yureta tsubasa
kasanariau jyunpaku e
watashi atta mirai e no yasashii yuuki

daremo shiranai sekai no
yoake wo matte iru kodomo
hikari wo tsurete tabidatsu watashi ni
hajimaru ashita

mau yuki wa, hoshi no kakera.
tentai ni te wo nobashite
ikigau negai kanjiteiru ne
subete wa ima monochrome(monokuroomu) no naka

koboreta kioku wo tokasu
teni ireta aito tomoni
furi mukazuni kanjiau
osorano kanata

sorezore ga tadoru kidou
tatoe mou aenakutemo
shizuka ni nemuru yume no zanzou
subete wa mada monochrome(monokuroomu) no naka


Volunteer Day - Lakes

Played well, scored badly.

I love the lakes. It's a beautiful course. Best greens ever <3 Quick but not blood bath quick like Monash *facepalm* Just the type of greens I like <3

One thing I dislike about it? The 2m high bunkers, or the thick roughs covering the bunker edges OTL Just in general, got into like 10 bunkers and wiped every hole I entered a bunker. No problems with the hazards. Fairway bunkers were fine.

Weather was horrid. No shit =/ It was humid, while it poured with rain for 2 holes. Then hot as hell. Really windy, between 25-30 knots. Not fun.

Overall, great day, got burnt and finished after over 5 hours. NOT NICE LAR DDD8<

Starry Sky - spring ~

I'm not much of an otome game fan. However, starry sky is just too cute. Loved it the moment I saw it last year <3333 or was it the year before? XD

anyways... after 1.5gb download and over an hour of painstaking restarts and constant extraction...



The completion of Starry Sky - Spring, encoded with an english patch to boot!

Now I can enjoy the story with the understanding of what the hell is going on XD

It's really cute. I like them all. Mostly going towards Kanata or Yoh... but I'm always straying from my path and ending up with Suzuya for most of my time XD Also, he's a cancer! He calls out to me >3< I thought he was a bit plain compared to the other two, but he's eyes are just so beautiful. Please he's quite good looking and has nice attributes.

Anyways... it's just really cute. I keep laughing or squeeing at their adorable reactions <3 The art is beautiful and the voice actors are just plain hot <3 Nothing much about story... it's a typical otome game, can't be helped >D

Ahhh... must download the rest, LD1 and possibly Heart no kuni no alice series? fufufufu ~

I'm so lame... otome games now aye? *facepalm*


Sex pistols is so confusing atm OTL

I want more Kunimasa and Nororin, as well as Yonekuni and Shiro's story.

The whole mermaid thing is slightly confusing.. dunno if it's all memories, present or past. They don't make things very clear orz

I suppose it's in the past... 5 years back, but wouldn't kunimasa be younger then? Why do they constantly talk about kunimasa?? >_________<

Everything's confusing atm ><

Other than Kunimasa sort of 'proposing' to Nori-chan? lol XD



-insert Takuto's hilariously awesome ghey transformation shounen sailor moon style-




ginga bishounen

KYAH <333 awesome voice actors, cool characters, interesting plot and awesomeness all around.

ginga bishounen2

GOD MY OH!!! Sugata's apprivoise *A* He's hawt lelouch voice resonating <3

God I love you aniplex and bones <3 It's like Ouran, Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann mashed into one. xDDD




Libre Publishing Co., Ltd., a Japanese publisher specializing in boys-love (BL) materials, has confirmed with ANN on Friday that it sent cease-and-desist notices to several fan groups devoted to scanning and translating BL manga into English. The website Comic Book Resources reported last week that some of the scanlation groups complied with the notices and removed links to Libre's copyrighted materials.

Libre told ANN that, as a publisher, it was entrusted with the rights to these works by their authors, so it is important for the company protect those rights. Libre wants readers — not just in Japan, but worldwide — to understand that "protecting the authors' rights goes hand-in-hand with producing their works." Libre pointed towards a page on its website which details its stance on copyrights.

Libre began publishing several of its manga titles on the Kindle in English this past March.

Libre was established in 2006 after the bankruptcy and closure of BL publisher Biblos, and it acquired most of the older company's titles. Central Park Media continued to publish former Biblos titles, insisting that the licenses were still legal, despite Libre's declaration that they were not. Central Park Media filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and all of its assets (including anime and manga licenses) were liquidated.

Libre is also a member of the Japanese Digital Comics Association, which formed part of a multi-national coalition against manga piracy this past June.

This makes me sad... oh Bukiyou na silent...


All the titles that will cease to be scanlated... evidently, everything has been taken off mangfox, mangatrader and the main scanlaters sites.


Cosplay invasion!

It was nice to have Mad and Nad over for cosplay raiding >3


Fsck Mad is skinny DDD< I want to make all my cosplays to fit her now. Since I've toned a bit and can't fit into anything anymore OTL
She fits into my Suzaku TwT Now it won't go to waste! Make me proud Madara!!!


Nad tried my mushroom head. Very attractive ~

It was nice, they took most of my fabrics! Now I have 1 container left out of the 3 full containers! Excellent >8D


Seems like the girls liked the ocean. It was nice, took them around and gave them some exercise fufufufufu ~

It was my plan all a long! ohohohohoho ~ /gets shot

Had an awesome day <3 Thanx girls <3 Nice catching up with you two <3

Twilight - cont.

Read more



こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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