I hate days like this...

Really, today was soooo shit. I don't vent that much... I don't like putting my issues up on the table. However, I need to get stuff off my chest.

Today was just beyond shit. Other than weather being absolutely crap, my golf sucking so much and that I lost the pennant match today... It really did suck.

I fucking hate sydney traffic and public transport. Got to the bus station literally 20 minutes before the arrival time. It was 15 minutes late. The bus name sign was wrong, so I could've missed it. The travel time delayed for 20-30 minutes. Ultimately, a 49 minute ride became over an hour bus ride of hell. I was running late. Then bus driver announcing that he might have to cut this service if the sign board didn't change. I actually just burst into tears of emotional anxiety right there. Making sure I was early, everything did not go according to plan. I was going to run late, I was freaking out at the chance I might get disqualified for the match. Doesn't matter tho, since I lost ANYWAY. Didn't make it better when I realised I didn't have a towel to wipe my driver after I sprayed it with water for a quick clean.

Thanks dad. *sarcasm*

Seriously couldn't putt to save my life. My iron shots were crap. Strong gale force winds hitting us from all directions. Lost 4/2. By the time we were dormie, I was already feeling buggered and sick. I hate weather like today when playing golf.

Without any excuse, I just played like shiate.

Really feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted. Times like this, I wonder what I'm actually doing... When you play awesome, you feel like you're on a high. When you play like shit, you feel like you're the most worthless and pathetic individual to walk on earth.

Even my birdie on the 2nd can make up for how I did today.

You can probably tell. I could care less about my shit grammar today. Everythin just sucks.

On a better note. I finished watching Forrest Gump today. I watched it when I was younger, but I watched it again this year and finished it today. You understand things a lot more when you're older. I didn't realise how sad the story was in some respect. He's amazing, despite his slight disability. I cried my eyes out near the end. I suppose being so emotionally exhausted, I had to vent it out through different means.

Anyways, Tom Hanks did an amazing job acting as Forrest <3 Enjoyed it so much more watching it now than I did before.

ebay ebay ebay <3

Wanted some nice big frame glasses. So I got this from ebay <3


What I really liked about them was the inside checkered/chess board pattern.


Just gotta get my eyes checked again and get new lenses for this baby <3 Mum wants me to get another pair with transition lenses as she won't let me get transition lens for this one. *sad face*

Actually bought reading glasses as well, but they were smaller than I would have liked them to have been. Good if I wanted to cosplay as Hime from Five.

Also got new headphones. My current obsession are with the colours orange and green. Slightly the fluro/light type as well >D Love it <3 the bass sounds really awesome on this <3 However, still wanna get the $30 headphones from hart and heim. Theirs is kdbfjksbfksblfk <3 Seriously, you can NEVER have enough headphones. They're like shoes to me.


This little bottle is god to me. After my second class with this bottle, I can stay on without slipping off. Just makes everything sooo much easier <3 So worth the $16 investment into this <3


Currently waiting on 2 pairs of shoes <3 PSG and MF <3 Should buy the wig soon before cckids sell out :3

Backlogging XD - once again 2

Met Aully for lunch aaaaagggeeeesss ago
Went to Ichiban boshi in BJ. The true location of all Ichibans XD

Aully started to go a little crazy with the chilly powder. I can't even see the colour of her karaage ramen broth OTL


Final result of her chillifying her not spicy ramen.


Looking at it turned my stomach. I miss chilli food... I suppose I felt queasy afterwards when I realised my ramen started to taste spicier when aully ninja added more ramen into my bowl OTL *shakes fist*


whose truck is this

What's with all these random trucks? First the two men and a truck. Now this?

Backlogging XD - once again

Second trip of our KFC adventures. Anthony, Suri and I ventured to Kobow this time for korean food, fried chicken and soju :3

kfc trip3

Despite our disagreement, I still this Sun's chicken is better. I don't like crumbed batter. It's too oily and filling for me XD

kfc trip4

Nonetheless, it was delicious <3 Certainly got more food here than at arisun. *thumbs up*

Wow... lack of updates much OTL

Wow, I am so neglectant about my blog OTL I'll do a quick run down and what's happened in life so far.

-Moved from Vaucluse to Double Bay.
-Better progress in golf. Currently in Bronze pennants season. First match won by me. Our team tied overall with Randwick, which is okay. They were previous champions.
-Picked up a few cosplays.
-Saw a few friends.
-obsessed with tumblr
-obsessed with panty&stocking with garterbelt, kimi ni todoke, glee and Star driver.
-Been reading lots of shoujo. OTL
-TOEFL exams arrived. Got 98, but only needed 79 at max, since all other unis require only 61. Score >D
-SATs in May 7.
-Picked up a new hobby.
-Slowly getting back into fitness stuff.

Life is life I suppose.

need to start blogging again. Got some awesome stuff from ebay, so camwhoring time is inevitable in the future. Should put up cosplay progress in the next few months.

Rinne out ~


こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

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私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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