Nothing much to say...

Sorry guys, I've been too preoccupied with tumblr lately so I've been slack with my posts on fc2blog. Lately I haven't been bothered to write anything personal due to many reasons.

1. I feel like I'm venting and people already have enough of their own shit to deal with.
2. Who the hell fucking cares?

I've been on such a low down lately in my mood swings, that all I think about are negative thoughts. I suppose that's just the way I am though. Can't help but put myself down constantly...

I'll write another entry tomorrow when I feel a little bit more motivated to do so.

So for now... if you're interested, have my tumblr ~

Mainly full of random crap, mostly comic stuff because of my latest rage in interest. I think I'll lose a lot of cosplayer friends due to this change in my life. I've been slowly moving away from anime/manga. No, I don't include yaoi in that category. Yaoi is a thing of its own to me.

Anyways... I better head off and go to bed. It's been a mentally exhausting day...


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こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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