*WARNING* May contain depictions of physical abuse

Just a warning to my friends. Most people know I do pole and some of you know how painful it is.

Just want to show you guys the new batch of bruises I got from last week :3

Yes... pole is serious business yo. Don't go assuming it's easy and it associates itself naturally with stripping. It's more than that. It's a sport and technique is all involved.

Of course the origins of pole dancing is from strip pole. However, it's more than that now. It's physically demanding and all about technique. You can make yourself look sexy by just rolling all over the pole. Trust me, you can't look sexy when you're panicking about making sure you don't fall straight on your head from upside down. Or trying to mask the pain in your thighs with a smile when you squeeze your thighs onto the pole an push yourself into superman.

Anyways, have fun staring at those horrid bruises. Thank god for winter 8D
Don't worry, I'm wearing shorts 8D

bruise 5
bruise 6

It hurts less, but I seem to be accumlating more bruises =/ I blame the layouts and superman.


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cool blog and very descriptive- you write well


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