Leonardo Di Caprio + Zac Efron = Rickie Fowler?!!

After watching the Jack Nickalus memorial tournament, I've been intrigued by this guy. 21 years old, joined the PGA tour only in 2009. Came 2nd place which is really good. He was so close to winning, as he was 3 shots ahead from bogey free 3 rounds. Pity he got that bad double bogey, but he still played brilliantly.

However, from looking at the slow motion swing of his driver... he's got an insane rotation for the shoulders and powerful rotation. Like almost freakish that it's awesome >8D It's amazing how he could control the timing of his hips while his shoulders continue to maneuver.

When I first saw him, I was like it looks like Zac Efron!!! But then WHAT THE HELL!!! It's like Zac Efron, photoshopped with Lenardo Di Caprio's facial features >D I find that pretty epic lols >D My mum was the one who realised he wasn't full American. I don't know how mum saw, but apparently he's a quarter japanese. Interesting...

Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy are two guys to look at in the PGA tour >8D There's also Jason Day... but meh... lol XD

Anyways, it seems that I'm getting more and more into golf. That's good I suppose XD


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