New hair cut and new piercings


Unintentionally, it became a mix of Ramona from Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Gumi from Vocaloid. I love it tho :)

Colour test was a success. Going back tomorrow to get my color done. I wanted to go cherry red, but I think I'll have to tone it down for school and go for burgundy. It's already bad enough I'm dyeing it and cutting it like this. I'm probably going to get an earful from my instructors. But I don't fucking care. If they consider a change in hair colour is really that much of a taboo in comparison to fucking tattoos all over my body. If that is the case, then the school is backward. I'm here to study and play golf. I don't fucking care what the hell anyone thinks anymore. I've cared too much of what other people have thought. I need to start doing things for me.


Plus got two earlobe piercings done. They were amazing. Didn't hurt at all, which was bizarre. This is why I can only get it done with a needle.

Only got 4 more days till I fly back to the US *sad face* So far, it's been the most amazing 3 weeks. I've done a lot of things, learnt a few and experienced all sorts of things. I love London so much. I can imagine myself living here... I'll go crazy though. Want to get another piercing done when I come back here in the future. Another earlobe set and maybe a cartilage in the future.

So excited for tomorrow ~


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