I hate my stubbornness

Contemplating on whether I should eat this apple crisps... or brush my teeth and go to bed. I'm undeniably tired as fuck right now. Today has been a rather hectic and stupid day. Ended up walking close to 2 miles because of my stupidity, with 2 large shopping bags that weighed close to 10-15kg each.

This is not the first time. Happens every time I go to Food for Less. If this was going to happen, I should've just went to Walmart. I'm stupid in that way.

So now, I'm pondering about my next decision as my left ear feels like it's swollen from 2 hours attempt of trying to create a bigger hole. I know I should've just taken it back and got it exchanged for a 10g instead of trying to fit the 8g. Thus, the immense amount of pain radiating from my lobe. Tapers hate me. Not only was it excruciating, but rather unpleasant. Still, it just means I'm quite tolerant to the pain now. The recent piercings felt like nothing. Not even a pinch. While these have always been a pain in the ass. I suppose this is all my doing, considering I keep trying to wear earrings that don't naturally fit inside such a small hole. Nonetheless, I decide what I like, and I stick with it.

Anyways... my stupidity has led me astray. Spent 2 hours longer getting back home. It was cold, and I was in a lot of pain. Now, I have marks that look like I was whipped at the shoulders.

Pretty much, my pigheadedness that led me to wasting my day by running around on a wild goose chase of self inflicted masochism. If I didn't know myself any better, I would've thought I might be a masochist. At this, I gasp with tremendous amount of shock.

Basically, moral of the story is instead of trying to save that extra $20, it's probably better to spend that $20 by being more productive by saving time. If I was smarter, I would've just gone to one store instead of 5 different stores, trying to get the best savings. If I just went to one and bought everything I needed, I would've been home many hours earlier and much less tired than I am now. Thus, my productivity level is currently low and I have achieved pretty much nothing today. I have one more day of weekend, in which I'll spend working on my homework assignments. So much for total relaxation.

With this, I think it's a sign of fatigue and radiating pain. Therefore, I bid you adieu my fellow readers. Maybe I would be less cynical in the way I write if my lobe was calming itself down. Which is why I'm going to take a paracetamol and going the fuck to bed. Can't be assed to read over my blog to check for grammatical mistakes. I'll be kicking myself later, but right now... meh.

Adios ~


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