Monthly clean up

Not feeling too great today. I think I must've pulled some muscle or something on my upper chest (the diaphragm, me thinks >D). It's making it hard to breathe and affects my swing unfortunately orz.

Tomorrow is the mixed foursomes rnd 1 at my home club Lane Cove. Slightly worried since my swing hasn't been the same as Wednesday. I was hitting amazing shots that day, but maybe I'm affected by tiredness now. Just got to suck it up and work hard till this Sunday.

Today was my cleaning day. So all my clubs are clean and spotless. Golf balls have been marked and cleaned as well.


So many balls >DDD I have more practice balls, but these are the ones I prefer to use. 14 of them being the main ones in play. Half of the lot are titleists, but I'm not much of a fan of those soft balls. Maybe it's because I feel uncomfortable using such elite balls >DDD Anyways, my preferences are srixons or callaways. Would like to get a doxen solarius/pearl HX from the callaway series. But sooo expensive >< 12 balls for $59!!!

Currently watching the State farm classics. You know, after watching such an exciting weekend of the memorial last weekend... it makes it rather boring watching the females play. There's just no excitement at the moment. Many of them are missing the greens. 20-40 feet putts. Going into the rough. Swings are too slow and pretty. Girls wearing big earrings and lots of make up... I dunno... I really enjoy watching PGA tour more than the LPGA...

Anyways... better make some dinner and head to bed early tonight.

Need to be up at 7, leave at 7:30am and be at Moore park for lesson and warm up before the big round at 11.

Ganbarremasu ~


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