FIFA starto & mixed foursomes round 1!

Really should be asleep, but watching Argentina and Nigeria's match. Korea won against Greece, which was obvious. Greece was just really rough and korea was the better team in the match. Still worried for Korea when they fight against Argentina. We might get pwned REALLY badly orz Hoping we'd win or at least get a draw with Nigeria to be able to qualify through to the next round.

Aside from that. Injuries are still affecting me. My chest/diaphragm still hurts. Ankle and wrists are playing up, had to bandage my ankle for round 1 of mixed foursomes. Another one today @ 9:25am. Need to sleep VERY soon. Might need another toilet break before sleeping... not feeling too great.

Played meh today. Not my best... putting pretty badly. Chipping isn't too great and my irons could seriously be better. Luckily my tee shots with my driver has been good.

Shot 13 over on the front 9, while 7 over in the back 9. We did well on the back 9. Unfortunately, lost 3-4 shots because of my bad putting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. My partner is awesomely good in his putting, which saves me *phew* but he's a chain smoker >D but a nice guy so I'm having heaps of fun with him and 2 other players in my group >D

Really do hope tomorrow is better!!! Need to leave at 8am. So need to wake up at 7, warm up and swing @ 7:30am and leave home at 8am.

8 mins till my yaoi finishes downloading.

NUUU!!! Read 2nd chapter of Punch Up! v3. Poor Kouta DDDD< I feel sorry for Maki-san, but at the same time, he kind of deserved it. He has his reasons for pushing him like that, but at the same time, he should've trusted him and his feelings. Oh well, hoping for the best between them... and the Q-tip >DDD

Time for bed <3

ja ne ~


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