I need an outlet. After talking to a good friend while Golfing today, (which by the way was one of my worst scores ever made in my time golfing in 2.5 years) I lay on my bed pondering with slight discomfort from my enzymes fighting my drunken state and the emptiness of my stomach from my previous dilemma. oh ibs, how you haunt me until this day.

listening to music comforts me. however, I still want to cry my heart out like a little girl and go out on an anger rampage which entitles breaking my clubs.

I can't believe I find solitude in my blog. I suppose because I have no friends, or maybe people are too far away. You got to admit, most people are way too focused in their cosplay and their lives. Don't blame them, considering I would be like them if I had a friend like me.

Heavily reconsidering me life in terms of the whys in life. its only been a month and I'm already sick of it. I'm sick of sucking at everything in life. why am I such a failure? I can't even do a simple thing right that it makes me sick. I'm struggling at doing one simple thing in my life. I know, I'm not good. I should just deal with it, but It's really not as simple as that.

maybe I just need some time off from it all. I've already decided to bail on school tomorrow. I just need to refresh myself... at times like this, I wish I had a car. I kind of want to get away from everything right now. get away from school. Get away from committee work. Get away from all the drama. The people around me. The golf. Even him. My mind has been spinning around and my focus is gone. even the most natural thing to me is gone. the strongest point in my game is now my weakest. I've already been feeling pretty shit in the last 2 months, but my confidence and self esteem has shattered. I'm at a point where I don't know where to go. I'm at a cross road where I contemplate about one thing or another.

what do I do?

I need an outlet. I miss having a sewing machine. I could switch my brain off whenever I was working on a project. when I was conversing with one of the upper class man, I realised how much I missed it all. I miss sewing so much. I miss making little things, modifying, altering and creating. I can't wait till we get more into club fitting. I can throw myself in there and possibly 'de-stress'.

but right now, I feel hopeless. I hate hearing the things I hear I'm my mind. I feel like I don't believe myself. I am my own worst enemy. I dont know who to talk to anymore.

why am I doing this to myself? easy question with an easy answer. however, a hard issue to have to deal with.

oh my god, I feel like I'm going in circles now.

nothing makes sense anymore. I just... need to stop hating myself so much. I hate being so negative, and yet that's what I'm good at most.

I'm tired. I'm over it. life has yet to show me the positives this year. I feel a repeat of last semester. wallowing in self pity.

I hate myself.


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