Path in life.

You know... I always imagined that I'm going to finish my degree in December, move to Florida, South Carolina, Orange County or maybe San Diego.

Now, I really don't know anymore. Both my friend and I want to start up our sewing and design works so we can create a portfolio for a Women's golf clothing line. For that reason, I thought it'd be awesome to move down to Orlando because it's such a great location for golf and the PGA being situated that (me thinks lol).

However... really don't know anymore.

Before, I hated the thought of teaching. I just want to work inside the shop and do my thing. However, I'm coming into terms with myself. I'm starting to like teaching and helping people out. I always feel inadequate and not good enough all the time. However, I'm starting to feel a lot more motivated and inspired to become a teacher who can help those who need it. Also, the PGA program sounds like something I want to take on in the future. My plans keep changing, which is kind of a distressing thought for me lol

Also, I've picked up pole dancing again. But for some reason, I'm thinking about it a lot more seriously than I use to. I feel like taking up dancing again. I want to get better. I want to stop moping and saying I'm not good enough nor am I talented enough. I keep forgetting why I use to dance. I think pole dancing has helped me find my roots again. As un-co as I am... it'll be difficult, but I know I can make it.

Which leads me to point number 3. After much thinking, nagging from other students and a lot of negotiation... I've decided to try go for Beginner Certification in pole. However, in return for not paying the $499, I'm going to take it on a weekly basis with the main instructor, get my certification and possibly work as a sub to pay off the certification and to gain the experience. Which leads to my dilemma for the future. If I do get this job, it means I've got a job that will help me. However... I need to stay in Temecula, or around its vicinity.

I've always want to go and see more of the continental US and to explore. I kinda hate Temecula because of how small and closed it is. But at the same time, if I move out into another state, I'll have to start all over again and build myself. I won't know anyone nor will I get much help either. If I stay in CA, at least I have a few people to turn to. However, this is all based on if I'm actually teaching in 4 months time.

I have 2 more semesters and I'm already thinking about my not too distant future. No way in hell did I think any of this was possible. Never in my mind did I even think of wanting to stay here, get a job in/around Temecula, work as an instructor for pole at nights and work on my game here. I guess the deciding factor will be in November. The pole instructor contract would only be 6 months anyways... whether or not I want to stay here is up to me.


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