Time to change...

Today's been a waste. Was feeling majorly bummed out from yesterday and decided maybe I need a day off.

So I went out and got myself Ivan accessory, ate at Pepper lunch and visited the Japanese $2.99 store/grocery.

Funny that the one thing that cheers me up most is yaoi XD I saw vol.2 of Kurashina sensei's passion and my face just lit up. I'm such a simpleton XD

But yes, I've been reflecting and realised how uncalled for I was. I shouldn't have publicly bitched about anyone. I really need to learn to control my emotions and to be less honest about everything. As you know, being honest doesn't get you anywhere in life.

Anyways... I feel that what I did was wrong because it was still uncalled for.

I feel like I need to change as a person really.

No more sobfest and bitch wangst in my life.

I need to become stronger and more positive about it.



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こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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