cosplay update?

Even tho I should be getting over cosplay... I still want to blog some things...

So I did partially finish my Ivan cosplay >D I still had shoes to do... but my outfit is done... apart from a few details...


I'm actually quite happy with my wig. Not overly ecstatic... I mean, I never love my creations. Nothing is ever awesome or epic when it comes to my skills.

I need to play LD1 and read those translations. So awesome XD It's very deep each character's relationship with each other... except for Ivan and Gian where Ivan is just a douche and Gian loves teasing him XD BWAHAHAHA!!! Ivan is scared of bears >8D

what's worse than a bear tho... is a freaking yandere with a knife!! OH NOES!!! RUN IVAN!! XD

Oh I want to wear those manry polyester boxers XDDD for some odd reason... this whole costume is TOO big for me *facepalm* like I made a size 14 for a size 10 person *headdesk* nice Rinne... good job... D<

Aside from manry fail...

More fail!!!


It's my Sheryl make up test. Yes, I was planning to enter madman as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier... only to have my plans foiled by my mother again orz

I think this make up test is by far the best I've ever done. I've successfully used the eyebrow sealer, so I don't have dark eyebrows >8D The eye make up makes my eyes look bigger and the eyelashes look better than when I used them for miku >3 thinking of getting bigger lashes tho... I'll contemplate about it for awhile when the shoot gets closer XD

Oh man... fat nose is fat orz...

That is all for the eye scarring XD


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