Amazing where life takes people

Upon looking at other people's blogs... I found something really interesting.

Someone was talking about how they couldn't wait to see Dance Academy. The photo just shocked me because it was none other than Xenia Goodwin. She was one grade below me in ballet and she was many years below me at school. She was a good girl and she worked really hard in ballet.

At the time, she was good, but she was not quite in the spotlight. She was always in the shadow of those around her, which was a real pity at the time.

However, while others fooled around and did whatever the crap they wanted, she took things seriously and did everything dance related. Whether it was for sport or dance as an elective.

We did talk quite a bit and I really admired how hard she worked.

Of course, after I graduated and quit ballet, we didn't keep in contact.

It's nice to know that she's the lead actor for that show.

I hope it takes her further into the dance world and she'll become bigger.

I'm glad all her hardwork has paid off =) She should be about 17 now I think.

I hope Ms Jenkins and her mother is really proud of her.

I know when I did ballet with her at the time, she was good. I'm just glad that she didn't stray from her goals and path.

I hope all the best for her <3 I miss seeing her pirouettes XD

It's amazing thinking back...

Zoe Roberts must be in a ballet company now. She was in London and all those places around the world.
Macbeth Kanera got into Australia Ballet Company and is dancing there...
I wonder what happened to all the other girls in Xenia's class...

Life sure brings about its surprises =)


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Thanks for sharing! Anything more you can add? What was Xenia's personality like?

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> Thanks for sharing! Anything more you can add? What was Xenia's personality like?

She was pretty bright, extroverted around those whom she was close to. She was one of the 3 best dancers in her grade. I don't know what else to say. She was a nice girl :3


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