Lucky Dog 1 prologue

Just finished reading translations for the prologue page...

Aside from not being able to resist reading Giulio's good and normal ending...

I LOVE YOU MAD DOG *A* You make me so happy and so sad... awww.... (poor Giulio and Gian)

Anyways... Ivan is a douche XD that's totally not gonna change orz

I really like the prologue just so we can relate to what the character personalities are like.

Bernardo and Gian has a good relationship in the sense of professionalism, but at the same time, there is this wall between them...
Giulio and Gian is like the sense of master and servant for some reason. Even though technically Gian is a lower position even after the order is received... Giulio respects him... awww... Gian-san XD
Luchino and Gian... BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Gian is really conscious about being around him. Luchino seems like a gorgeous bishie character who's like I'm totally not gay, so don't you dare fucking touch me. Kind of excited to read the endings :3
Lastly Ivan and Gian... What to say?
Gian: *moron moron moron moron*
Ivan: *Goddamn fucking gay-SLUT bastard!*
Gian just loves to tease him tho XDDD I wonder if it's possible for Ivan to warm up to Gian? But with Ivan being a homophobe... not any time soon XD

I'm exciting to see how everything goes :3 but that's all I'm reading for tonight XD

Thank you koori_no_kokoro <3


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