Today was like every other day

So tired...

Today was the bronze salver and handicap tray competition at the Lakes. First time I've been to the course.

Seriously, it was a championship course. It was such an amazing experience I swear *A*

I came tied 5th place for scratch, while 3rd for nett. Apparently, I was runner up for the handicap tray, but I didn't stay so I didn't get my prize T^T All the winners were Lakes members, so of course they'd win. They know how the course works >D I got lost sooo many times... so stupid they mixed all the visitors together and NOT with any of the members.

I played okay today I suppose... I could've played a lot better if I didn't make such bad choices... lost waaay too many shots from falling into water and stuff.

Anyways, it was a great experience.

You know, it's amazing the feeling... I think I've grown up... I felt such a sense of fulfillment because it was amazing <3

It didn't hit me until it was over that it was my birthday today. I was quite surprised.

Spent some time in the city. It was rather boring. Got 2 mangas... spent money orz

Once again, I'm disappointed in koreans... I dislike the koreans in Australia. I hate the fact that they think they're sooo much better than you and how they openly bitch about people in korean, assuming you can't speak their language.
Apparently the koreans in korea aren't like that. It's funny how people change when they're in different locations... orz

Anyways, it was really nice of my school friends to go out to dinner with me for my birthday. It was really nice to get some messages from them <3

Lots of love to my parents who are so supportive and let me enjoy the night cuz it was my birthday <3

Can't wait for tomorrow and the epic birthday cake I'm getting <3


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こんにちは、わたし は リンネです。

私が好きなもの: コスプレ, ボーイズラブ, コミック, ベーキング, ビデオゲーム, 漫画とアニメ, ソーイング, ゴルフ, ポールダンス.
私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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