Animania weekend

Animania 3 weeks ago... helped out Christie and Min for WCS <3

They were the awesome duo from Trigun.

Weekend was beyond awesome as well as epic fail family drama shit.

Some of the highlights of the weekend >D

Back tracking is hard yo T^T

wolfwood christie

Ninja photo of wolfwood. Lol, she noticed me lol XD


Min was eating donuts. Thus, we also realised it was sooo in character XD You are le hawt and awesome Min *A* You're such a hawt Vash <3 *sizzles*

On a side note. Fail was a random cosplayer who (dressed as Vincent Valentine) came up to Min and asked if she was cosplaying as Vincent. LOL?!!! I was horrible... I snorted when I heard that. I don't know why someone would ask such a silly question when them themselves are dressed as that character orz

Sunday was awesome as I spent time with Min and Drew. Got purikura but cbfed to scan.
Went to WCS dinner and had sooo much fun. I forgot what it was like to have fun with the amount of stuff I have in my life. Anyways... MOVING ON 8D

MONDAY --------->

CHRISTIE AND MIN WAS LATE DDD8 Ended up bumming around city for 2 hours doing nothing in cosplay orz how embarrassing orz

Met up with Oichi-sama <3

oichi and sasuke

I LOVE YOU OICHI-SAMA <333 Please don't look so sad T^T *hugs* Can't leave you alone orz

masamune and sasuke

Masamune is soooo hawt *fans self* I looked so gangsta fail. I don't even know what happened. Damn you Gakuen Basara for making him look like a rapper XD


Danna-sama T^T What are you doing?!! Extreme motivation and perseverance to get the toys XD Please Danna-sama!!! Stop using your monies T^T

masamune and yukimura

Masamune being the trouble maker... doesn't stop him *facepalm* bad influence orz how will I tell Oyakata-sama =__________=


At least Yukimura is happy getting his prizes XD You are too epic Danna-sama *A*

Purikura was awesome <3 It was like Gakuen Basara host club. Gakuen.... heaven? LOL LOL LOL XD So many roses >D *blinded by sparkles*

That was my awesome Animania weekend <333

I miss everyone la T^T


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私は好きではないもの: ピンク, 雨, 芝刈り機, 嫌な人.


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