Enough backlogging from me XD People will be sick and tired of all my random updating XD

Recently I've been absorbed in this over fandomised craze that is known as 'Twilight'.
Already I can hear the groaning from every person I've talked to.

The disappointment and fail from everyone's opinion of myself.
Twilight, as a written form, is not my taste in writing style. It's kind of bad... which in itself is an understatment XD Purple prose in first person writing... Seriously, I can't imagine something that was written a lot worse than this.

However... one thing I've realised reading this... is the nostalgia I gained from reading it. I remember my first 'real' relationship. The love and the connection we had. How I would look forward to talking to him on and off the phone. Spending every momenet I could with him. It was total bliss. This was during when I was 16-17. I can't help but relate to how Bella feels in certain aspects.

Nonetheless, I still want to punch her in the face for her pathetic nature to not be able to do anything but whine, whinge and cry. She's such a fucking mary sue. Then there's Edward who's all fucking perfect in everything, from inside to out. As people call it, Gary Stu. However, if you read a lot of shoujo, it's just natural to see the main character guys being perfect in everything, in everyway, as well as the overly good characteristics in their nature and good looks. Only difference between Edward and those guys... he's not as cocky, arrogant and obnoxious as them.
Which makes it slightly more bearable XD

Seriously... Don't understand stupid little 14 years old who don't understand the whole concept of falling madly in love, are obsessed with this. Yea, you guys love Zac Efron and Justin Bieber. Your infatuations are limited and fickle. Like you guys would understand the whole concept of what is being protrayed. Nonetheless, the whole purple prose is what got little kids to read and love it. Might be the whole vampirism thing as well.

I wonder... if it was written more for a adult reader... would it have been less popular? I don't know... I would've preferred a different, a more sophisticated writing style for the book. Honestly, I actually like the theme and the love. It makes me feel bubbly inside XD As much as I hate it, I also love it. That's usually my relationship with shoujo. It's a love hate relationship.

I think the aspect I love about this thing... is the whole vampirism concept. I've always loved Dracula, blood, vampires. The whole lot.

I don't know know. Maybe I've gone crazy and that the closest thing to me having a relationship, is reading about it. I feel like I'm making up for the last 3 years...

I don't know.

I suppose I'm having mixed feelings about everything.

Nonetheless... I feel like the writing has gotten a lot worse than in the first book. I seriously can't wait to finish the 2nd book so I can never touch it again.

Maybe if I finish this series, I won't be bothered by it ever again.

I hope so ><


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